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Copy of Our Story

moss & pear owners Fiona and Morven


moss & pear was lovingly imagined by Fiona, a Scottish environmental enthusiast living in Melbourne. The genuine sentiment behind moss & pear is to live kindly, waste less, re-use more and 'do what you can' to help the world we live in be more sustainable.

About me.

The ensuing climate crisis served as a wake-up call and provided me with the motivation I needed to be a part of the ‘less waste’ revolution. Seeing single-use plastic everywhere has always been a source of irritation but comprehending that the oceans and landfills were choked with plastic was the final 'straw'.  

Single-use plastic shampoo and body wash bottles have always been the major issue for me. I ditched them years ago but found myself getting frustrated with soggy soap not drying out on the soap dish. I needed something that would dry out the bar between uses.

Along came the Timber Magnetic Soap Holder! The idea emerged many years ago following a futile search for a sustainable, but stylish, air-drying soap holder failed miserably. And so began a couple of years pondering various alternatives before deciding to go ahead and design one myself.

The Magnetic Soap Holder is not a new concept – we were vaguely familiar with them growing up in Scotland many years ago. I recall them being plastic and nasty-looking, but extremely effective.

My husband patiently helps me make them in our garage here in Melbourne. They take some time to produce in small batches but have been incredibly popular, so our production is ramping up a bit!

My daughter Morven has been a firm supporter of the venture and is also an ardent zero-waster, currently working in Scotland. We got together to ensure this dream came to fruition and do our bit to change the single-use plastic habits we all face each day.

Why not join us? Let’s protect the environment, one great product at a time.

Fiona and Morven