Magnetic Soap Holders FAQ

magnetic soap holder with cap attached. Mounted on white tile wall


Did you know soap bars will last a lot longer when dried between uses?

Whether you wash your hair, body or shave with a bar, your soap will have a hard time lasting when resting in a pool of water. That's why we made these Sustainable Timber Magnetic Soap Holders to air dry them quickly.

It's a simple and stylish eco solution for your soggy soap bars.

Below are our most asked questions, but feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.


How do I install my Timber Magnetic Soap Holder?

Firstly, clean the surface and dry it thoroughly - this is important! Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly hold against wall for 10 seconds. Wait a few hours before using to allow the holder to adhere to the wall securely.

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


How do I keep my Soap Holder dry?

Installing in the shower or sink area is totally fine, but don’t position under the direct stream of running water. Splashes and steam are no problem at all however.


How does the Magnetic Soap Holder work?

The purpose of the holder is to allow soap bars to dry out. Because the soap bar has no direct contact with any surface of the soap holder, only the soap cap, it dries out very quickly and the bars will harden and last longer.

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


Will any soap work?

Most soap types and shapes will work yes. The magnet is very strong so large bars are also fine. Best practice is start with a new bar rather than one which has been sitting in a wet soap dish for a prolonged period. It’s going to be too soft at this stage.

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


Can I reuse the soap cap?

Absolutely yes! If you need additional caps please just contact us:


Are the Magnetic Soap Holders sustainable?

They certainly are. The Tassie Oak has been obtained from builders with excess stock at job completion. We use what we have before buying more. No timber goes to waste as any offcuts are used around our house. We buy the magnets from an Australian business - we prefer to support local wherever possible. The screws and tape are also sourced locally so we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.


Are they made in Australia?

100% yes. Made in Victoria by our family business.


Will the soap drip on to surface below?

The soap will drip once or twice depending on its composition, but it’s so minimal it’s not an issue at all.


Will the holder stay on the wall securely?

The 3M Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape is one of the strongest you can get. If you install the holder as per our instructions, it will stay indefinitely. We have tried and tested them for 3 years!


What if I want to move it to a new location?

Ideally it’s best to be sure of the final location before installation due to its strong adhesive, but if you move house for example (we did!), you can definitely move it. 

We recommend gently twisting soap holder left and right until it loosens a bit first. Then use a slimline tool such as a knife to prise the tape away from the surface. Be careful not to damage your surface.

Once off the wall, you can remove the remaining tape by rolling it off with your finger - it might take a few minutes. Use rubbing alcohol if necessary. Replacement mounting tape can be found at Bunnings or similar.


Do I need to seal the surface of my soap holder?

No. The soap holder has been finished with natural Tung Oil which is waterproof and helps protect it from water droplets and moisture. It works as a water-resistant coating on top of the wooden surface and prevents water molecules and moisture from going inside of the wood. Please note it won’t protect it from constant running water.


Will the Magnetic Soap Holder make my soap last longer?

Yes it most certainly will.  Allowing the air to dry out its moisture will make a bar of soap harder (and therefore less likely to get soggy), and last longer. The more time your soap spends completely dry, the longer it will last. We have tried and tested this for 3 years!

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


The magnet is too strong for my soap bar

On occasion, a very soft bar will ‘lift off’ the cap. Most bars will be absolutely fine, but we do recommend sliding the soap off the holder rather than pulling directly away from the magnet.


My soap bar is too soft - what can I do?

Some bars will be softer than others depending on their ingredients . Oils such as coconut and palm (sustainable of course) as well as shea, cocoa and mango butters are all great for producing a harder bar.

Ensure you use a brand new bar when purchasing your holder; a bar which has already been softened for period of time in a soap dish will probably not be stable or hard enough. Once it has gone mushy, its too late!

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


My soap holder has changed colour - is this normal?

Yes, it can be. In most cases the only colour change would occur where your soapy hand has brushed against it. We recommend a gentle wipe with a damp cloth then wipe dry once a month to avoid soap-build up. The colour change is nothing to worry about however - if looked after correctly your soap holder can last many years, if not forever!

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly


Can I use it as soon as I stick it to the wall?

We recommend allowing the tape to adhere to the wall for a few hours before putting any strain on it. This allows it to develop a firm bond with the wall.

For best results, slide your bar off the holder rather than pull away directly