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Supporting Sustainable Causes

Our Donation Strategy

Our commitment to addressing the climate change crisis is at the heart of our business and the reason for our existence.

When moss & pear first launched, we couldn't decide which worthy cause to donate to, so we highlighted three different organisations each month for you, the customer, to vote on via a checkout poll.

In our first eighteen months you chose these commendable recipients:

  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Edgar’s Mission
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Australian Koala Foundation
  • One Tree Planted
  • Climate Council
  • Reforest Now
  • Greenpeace Australia
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Wildlife Victoria
  • WWF

In August 2021, we changed our donation strategy and now plant trees monthly with ReForest Now.

why plant trees?

The decision to plant trees comes from an understanding of the interdependence of ecosystems and the need to correct some of the damage us humans have caused to the planet. The most effective tool we currently know of is trees.

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the more CO2 that can be removed from the atmosphere, the lower the levels will be.

Trees helps prevent land soil erosion by holding the soil in place.

Trees clean the air by capturing harmful pollutants in their leaves and bark.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide when they take in water and nutrients from the soil and break down carbon compounds in leaves to release oxygen for us to breathe.

Trees are beautiful!


At moss & pear, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure a healthy future for the earth and help restore the balance within nature.