Ramie Natural Fibre Body Mitt • Plant-based

Our Ramie Mitt is effective at exfoliating the body but gentle enough to not cause damage to sensitive skin. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy by removing dead surface skin and stimulating cell renewal.

Lather it up with soap and enjoy a gentle scrub in the shower or bath.

Naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew, Ramie is a natural fibre from a plant known as Chinese nettle. 

Hand mitt is super strong and does not shrink.


  • Ramie Natural Plant-Based Fibre
  • Fits most hand sizes


Wash before use. Lather up with soap or cleanser and gently exfoliate your body. Can be used daily all over the body. Be careful to be especially light when using on the face.

  • $9.95

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